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About Thailand Anti Aging


Because at present There is a large number of operations in Thailand that provide Wellness and Anti-Aging centers in Thailand. Causing patients to need a convenient information center for contact such as Phone numbers, Facebook, Line, Instagram, etc. have been collected. For information in making a decision to use the service As well as patients from abroad who wish to travel to use this service, Would like information of each clinic Convenient location to travel Package of services that meet the needs of the service, service fees, success opportunities, etc. Which of these information If it is centralized so that patients can choose to guide their decisions. It will bring great benefits. As well as the development of the main multi-language system, Thai, English, and Chinese, it will bring even more benefits to patients.


Therefore World Medic Information & Technology Co., Ltd. (WorldMedic Information & Technology), a company that specializes in and develops software technology systems for the management of Wellness Center and Anti-Aging Clinic that provide medical services for more than 15 years, has organized Create a website of Thailand Anti-Aging Clinic Information Center to use as an area for promotion. Support and provide information to people interested in treating Wellness and Anti-Aging. For medical institutions providing Wellness and Anti-Aging technology services in Thailand


This website was developed to provide information about infertility people in Thailand. Both hospitals, clinics that open this service in particular There are basic information about the service. Initial service fee Procedures that provide services As well as communication channels with medical institutions To make it easy to consult and find information before deciding to get a service


In addition, this website will also be developed as a Global Service so that foreigners can find information about accessing services in Thailand There will be a system to provide information, consultants, reservation systems, travel systems, accommodation, etc., and will also include a tourism system (Medical Tour Service: MTS) that will promote Thailand as a center for the fertility medical center in ASEAN. And around the world As well as promoting tourism in Thailand at the same time And other medical services will be joined as well, for example


Alternative Medicine

Fertility Medicine

Plastic Surgery

Dental Clinic

Spa & Thai Massage

Wellness Center

Cancer Therapy Center


The team has developed a platform (Medical Service Platform) to enable people interested in receiving services to choose a medical facility at different treatment costs. To suit oneself As well as specific information of each medical facility. To ensure the confidence to receive treatment.

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